OHANA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN.BHD was successfully founded in 2015 and tremendously fuelled by a strong friendship and collaboration among hikers. Driven by the unstoppable affection towards outdoor world, it was set forth with merely a humble hobby, until six or seven years ago that OHANA began to gain interest in commercialising this relentless hiking industries. It was kicked off slowly. Baby steps for sure, with our first event in 2015, namely as “Expedition to Yong Belar Mountain” we were thrived to push the bar higher since then. Bloomed with many successful events ever since, we are now aspire to provide affordable services, with more than 20 monthly programs organized by OHANA on its entirely. OHANA had shown beyond doubt that leisure activities can also be a full-time business if it’s managed systematically with utmost interest, desire and commitment, and now, we are ready to satiate the thirst insistence to all outdoor lovers!

On December 31, 2019, our world was shook by a new dangerous virus known as
"Coronavirus (Covid-19)" We can't run our programes normally during the Covid-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has triggered an unprecedented crisis in the tourism economy, given the immediate and immese shock to our sector. As a result, we look for alternative means and opportunities to ensure our continued survival. As a result of this, we began developing our own outdoor merchandise brand, which has evolved into our primary service and source of revenue for the company. Our mission now is to ensure that OHANA becomes the first outdoor brand in Malaysia.